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Rebranding note

We have been operating under the name Venbest Recruiting for 11 years and are happy to mark the beginning of our second decade with the important announcement: WE ARE CHANGING OUR NAME TO “SKILLERS”!!!

The new name not only empowers us to reach new heights, but also resonates well with the approach we have been using all these years to fill the most difficult positions and find the most gifted candidates for our clients. The name “SKILLERS” reflects our expertise, professional maturity and eagerness to meet new challenges in it recruitment.

The process of rebranding we are currently going through will definitely bring outer changes - the new name, website, logo, however, our “inner nature” - work values, deep commitment and high service standards - will remain steadfast. Our dedicated team of recruiters will also continue to operate in its current structure and size and there will be no change in location or ownership.

We’ve been working hard to make this happen and really hope you like it:)

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