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Survey results: Initiatives of Ukrainian IT companies under circumstances of possible military escalation

From January 28, 2022, to February 4, 2022, our agency surveyed HR specialists, TOP-Managers, and tech staff from different IT companies with offices in Ukraine to find out what kind of initiatives employers are implementing considering the risk of a possible military escalation. The survey involved 67 respondents, where 90% were HR and companies’ management. Thoroughly we have analysed the answers and have set up a detailed report, from which you can find out:

  • How social tension has affected the internal processes and also the financial aspects;
  • If companies have an emergency / Anti-Crisis Plan and what measures are provided in case of military escalation;
  • Who develops those plans, depending on the type of the company;
  • Where and how employers are planning the relocation. Why they are choosing one or another direction;
  • What initiatives are implemented to support staff?

The answers are categorized, systematized, and presented in the form of graphs which are shown in the final report. The document is publicly available and accessible to everyone.

Watch the report

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