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What to read, if you are a recruiter?

There is a huge number of tops of the best educational and useful books for recruiters on the Internet. But we decided to share a list of books that helps the Skillers team in work processes! :)

Natasha Tylka, soft skill trainer:

Keep these books in mind! :)

“Bird after Bird” by Anne Lamott; “Blind Faith” by Ben Elton; “Stone Slash” by Abraham Verghese; “The Incredible Pilgrimage of Harold Fry,” Rachel Joyce; “The Radiance” by Margaret Mazzantini; “Home Fire” Kamila Shamsie.

Lilya Batashchuk, Team lead / Senior IT recruiter

These books are in my personal:

  • “Full Stack Recruiter” (by Jan Tegze)
  • "Principles: Life and Work" (author Ray Dalio)
  • “How to move Mount Fuji?” The Approaches of Leading Global Companies to Talent Search ”(by William Poundstone)
  • “Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE” (author Phil Knight)
  • Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts — Becoming the Person You Want to Be by Marshall Goldsmith

Sasha Telcharov, Technical IT recruiter:

 I would single out “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “The Humanist Therapy”. If the first one is simply interesting in terms of the fact that you need to think not only about some technology, but also assume how it can change the world in the future and what trends can develop faster. “Humanistic therapy” helps put you in candidate’s shoes. It forces you to think: “What if I'm wrong, you need to listen to the opinion from the perspective of another person.” It teaches us to treat the candidates not as boxes or cogs, but as people and not to forget about it in the work.

Nadiia Tykha, IT recruiter:

I would advise the book “Triggers. Form habits - temper your character. ” The authors are Marshall Goldsmith and Mark Reuters. This book gives tips on how to achieve your goals, and serves as a guide for those who want to help people become better.

Anya Ryk, IT recruiter:

There is a cool book “The No Asshole Rule” by Robert Sutton. It says that assholes can work in companies, and at the first glance they are very effective, but if you dig deeper, they affect the company negatively.

Another book is “Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter, Second Edition: A Technical Skills Primer” by Obi Ogbanufe.

And what is in your list?

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