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  • Senior C++ Programmer (Unreal Engine)

    • 04.09.2023
    • Bitwise Alchemy
    • Remote

    Igor Glynianyi

    Personal recruiter

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Our Client - Bitwise Alchemy - a game development remote studio, which has members all across the globe, is looking for a skilled C++ Programmer with strong Unreal Engine background to join their team remotely


Bitwise Alchemy was founded by a former Bioware employee, who participated in the creation of the Mass Effect series and SWTOR - Stefan Lednicky. It is an outsourcing 100 % remote studio, which works on related to game development, but not limited by this domain, projects. So, if you want to try yourself even in some gamification project, not strictly related to computer games in a small skilled team of veteran game developers - it is the right place to do it. 

Some examples of current projects:

  • A AAA project for a well-known studio;
  • A "gaming adjacent" project, like a simulation for vehicle automation;
  • A gaming startup building their first prototype.

One of the most crucial values of Bitwise alchemy - respect. It means, that each member also respects your freedom, so you could work in any way you want to work without any restrictions - whenever you want and Company does NOT do an unpaid crunch, because believes that crunch isn't effective. Also, despite Bitwise Alchemy is an outsourcing company, they are looking for a long-term partnership with a specialist, not just for the only project. It means, that your skills will determine the specific of further projects, so the role required only strong C++ skills, game development background, and experience with UE4. 


As a Senior C++ Programmer, you will play an important role in the development of high-quality game and gamification solutions. There will be various projects, so you can choose the most interesting for you to earn a valuable experience with each one. 


  • 5+ years of experience of programming using C++; 
  • 4+ years of commercial experience in using Unreal Engine; 
  • 3+ years of professional game development experience; 
  • At least Upper-Intermediate written and verbal English;
  • Bachelor's degree in Math/Computer Science degree (or similar like physics, engineering etc).

WOULD BE A PLUS (in order of importance): 

  • Graphics Programming;
  • Optimization;
  • Network and Multiplayer;
  • UI Development;
  • Animation programming;
  • Strong math and/or physics skills;
  • Other gameplay-related skills (AI, combat, tools, etc);
  • Experience with multiple platforms (Mobile, PC, Consoles).


  • Above market salary (depends on your expectations and skills);
  • High-quality health benefits;
  • The opportunity to work on a variety of different projects and technologies;
  • Work from home;
  • A quality work environment: Good tools, friendly and skilled co-workers;
  • Flexible work arrangements. Full time, part-time, hourly. Whatever fits your lifestyle.

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