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  • Senior Software Engineer

    • 29.07.2019
    • Altium
    • Ukraine, Kyiv

    Liliia Shkrybniuk

    Personal recruiter

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Altium Limited is a software company that provides outstanding PC-based electronics design software for engineers, such world famous product as Altium Designer. Company is looking for an experienced Software Engineer to work in Kyiv, R&D office. Currently we are hiring new people, due to successful release of Altium Designer 19, which lead to increase of planned new features and new great ideas.

Here you can see what new features we did, and it would give you an example of tasks complexity:

Some of our products: 

Why join Altium:

If you are interested in making a major impact on a product and work on large complex parts of it, Altium is the best place of work for you! Here we have less bureaucracy and environment oriented on problem solving! You will have non trivial tasks and great engineers to work with.

The Role:

We’re hiring a senior software engineer with system-level programming knowledge and strong troubleshooting and analytical skills to incorporate the Voice of the Customer (VoC) into our products. As a Senior Software Engineer, you’ll solve complex software problems by reviewing large bodies of code, quickly assessing various environments, and designing solutions on the fly that incorporate data compiled from customers’ expectations, preferences, and problems. By leveraging data about customers’ wants and needs, we can more effectively prioritize activities that improve overall customer satisfaction. 

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Fixing complex product defects and participating in code review and our SDLC (Software Development LifeCycle) best practices;
  • Working with development teams to add product enhancements related to supportability – enhancements you as a VoC engineer are in a unique position to have knowledge of;
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with internal stakeholders as well as customers to drive resolution of technical issues;
  • Be proactive, self-motivated and attentive to detail when solving highly complex, escalated problems.


  • 7+ years of experience in software development;
  • Practical experience with Delphi, understanding Assembler, object-oriented and generic programming, C# and internals of .NET;
  • Expert knowledge in software development tools;
  • Expert knowledge of debugging and crash dump analysis in Windbg;
  • Experience with system level tools like Process Monitor;
  • Experience with profiling tools like PerfView (CPU, Memory, Garbage collection);
  • Experience with in process and out of process COM and how it works in .NET;
  • Experience with code management and bug tracking tools;
  • At least Intermediate English

Would be a plus:

  • Experience with relational databases (MS-SQL, MySQL);
  • Ability to understand program execution on hardware level, threat detection, performance, and quality.

Company offers:

  • Competitive official salary (official employment, not private entrepreneurship basis), which is based upon your qualification;
  • Sports activities;
  • Paid lunches;
  • Great opportunities for career and professional growth;
  • Paid vacation;
  • Paid sick leave.

Some videos about us:

Main stages of recruitment:

  • Basic short interview (general information survey);
  • Interview with CTO;
  • Decision and feedback.

Career and professional growth opportunities: Everything here starts from programming and development, where a person can bring a solid contribution to the product, promote one’s ideas, introduce, prototype and eventually implement them in real life. If all of the above turns out to be working perfectly (or close to perfection:) ), there is a high chance that company will drop you a career ladder to climb up to Team Lead / Architect / Project or Product manager.

How many people are there in Kyiv: 

50+ people overall headcount, where one third is quality assurance engineers. Most of the people here are experts of software engineering.

HQ: is in San Diego, USA. There are decision makers on the most critically important things around all projects and products. By the way, you might have a business trip to HQ.

Terms of work:

  • there is a probation period of 3 months, after which your salary level might be reconsidered.
  • Flexible schedule of 40 hours per week. We tend to hire and keep responsible, self motivated people, therefore we do not think that we need strict army-type of schedule and time-tracking.
  • Overtimes - might happen in case if we didn’t meet release deadline, but we try not to let it happen.
  • Paid business trips.
  • Company hires people with full officially legal salary which is calculated from USD currency right. Company pays all the taxes and does not use Private Entrepreneurship as an employment scheme. Only official.
  • Office location: Mykoly Hrinchenka St, 4, BC “Horizon Park”
  • Parking among the road on both sides.

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