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  • Systems Engineer

    • 22.07.2021
    • Altium Limited
    • Remote

    Valeriia Silchenko

    Personal recruiter

    E-mail Skype

Our regular client - Altium Limited - a leading software developer in the IT market is actively looking for an experienced Systems Engineer to join their team in Kyiv (remote/office).

Specialists from all over the world strive to work at Altium because this is an excellent opportunity to participate in the development of unique software.

The company provides outstanding PC-based electronics design software for engineers, such as a world-famous product as Altium Designer. Such clients as Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, Boeing, Space X are using Altium's products, therefore it absolutely indicates their quality.


Have you ever heard about the Altium-365 project? It is cloud-based Altium's platform that brings the most connected and convenient experience for Electronics design & development. And now you have a unique opportunity to become a part of the team that is working on it.

As a Systems Engineer you will be responsible for overseeing production deployment, performing monitoring and routine maintenance. Integrated and embedded to work across the Production Engineering team (DevOps, SRE and TechOps) as well software engineers.

We are seeking an expert who will be responsible for running technical operations in our production environment. And it is critical to systems and infrastructure uptime, reliability and maintenance.

You can find more details here:

Their team’s goal is to build the most scalable, reliable and secure cloud platform that runs their applications and services in automated fashion. Automation is a crucial part of any role and team mindset with A365’s Production Engineering team (DevOps, SRE and TechOps).

● Deploy and provision infrastructure to the cloud.
● Utilize CI / CD jobs on jenkins server.
● Continuously define and develop improvements to uptime and reliability of the A365 platform.
● Be proficient in communicating across channels such as slack, email and zoom calls with team mates.
● Maintain and manage internal users such as provisioning of access rights and licensing.
● Be proactive in incident resolution, solutions and problem root cause analysis.
● Mentor your team mates and continuously bring technical solutions to a problem.
● Participate in an on-call rotation schedule 12/7 once per month.


● 3 + years of working as a systems engineer / network engineer / systems administrator with experience in Linux and Windows server systems.
● Working knowledge of configuring web servers such as IIS, NGINX or Apache.
● Previous work with monitoring solutions (Zabbix, Nagios, NewRelic and etc…).
● Skills of incident response and following communication process as well as performing root cause analysis.
● Experience with configuration management tools such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet or Salt.


● Competitive official salary (official employment, not private entrepreneurship basis), which is based upon your qualification;
● Sports activities;
● Paid lunches;
● The company provides working equipment;
● Great opportunities for career and professional growth;
● Paid vacation and sick leave.


● There is a trial period (t.p.) for 3 months (after t.p. the salary can be revised);
● Flexible working schedule, 40 hours per week;
● Overtimes are rarely, the company tries to avoid such moments;
● Business trips are paid;
● The company employs people only in an official manner completely legally and according to the Code of Labor Laws in Ukraine.

Main company's products: - website, and info about the main product (C#). The key point is it's Truly Unified Design - Altium Designer bridges all facets of the PCB design process to keep you seamlessly connected to every aspect of your design — at all times. This powerful PCB design software adds nearly 6,000 New users annually. - online system, connected to the main product which serves as forum/ marketplace (C#) - online community for creating electronic components (ASP.NET, C#) - it is a cloud-based Altium's platform that brings the most connected and convenient experience for Electronics design & development.

Some interesting points about Altium Limited:

Here you can check in detail what the company has already made. It can help you to understand the complexity of the tasks:

Why employees choose Altium:

If it is important for you to make a major contribution to the product and work on large-scale complex tasks, then Altium is exactly the company where you should be! They don’t have bureaucratic moments and the atmosphere is more focused on addressing the specific targets, tasks, and product issues. Altium is trying to remove obstacles and let the developer use all his skills and opportunities to do everything possible, and not only. You will be faced with nontrivial tasks.

Entertaining video about Altium Limited:

How many people work in Kyiv office: 70+ people (a third of them are QAs). Most of the employees are developers.

HQ: San Diego, USA. There are decision-makers on the most critically important things around all projects and products.

Office location: Mykoly Hrinchenka St, 4, BC “Horizon Park”

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