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  • Senior Software Development Engineer

    • 07.02.2022
    • Roku
    • Kyiv, Ukraine

    Nadiia Tykha

    Personal recruiter

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Roku - a well-known high-tech company that develops a high-end streaming hardware platform that connects the entire TV ecosystem around the world is looking for an ambitious and motivated Senior Software Development Engineer. Their team’s mission is to build a world-class platform for data analytics and machine learning to fuel existing and new business-critical initiatives. The petabyte-scale platform supports near-real-time stream processing as well as large-scale batch processing.

From your first day at Roku, you’ll make a valuable — and valued — contribution. It is a fast-growing public company where no one is a bystander. Roku offers you the opportunity to delight millions of TV streamers worldwide while gaining meaningful experience across various disciplines.

Company's website: 


Senior Software Development Engineer – Whitebox Test Developer will be responsible for driving key software quality engineering initiatives for the Roku Video Platform. You will be part of an agile, self-governing engineering team where you have the ability to switch hats between building test frameworks, writing tests, collecting test requirements from various product engineering stakeholders, and leading the path forward in software quality automation with modern cloud-based continuous integration and continuous deployment frameworks.

Note: this is a software developer position, with a specific focus on software quality. You will be challenged with unique engineering problems and opportunities to work in tandem with the feature development team to release robust high-quality features on time. Your efforts in software quality engineering will ensure the robustness and scalability of the Roku Video platform as they expand to support new and exciting product initiatives.

You thrive on bringing the products and the team to the highest quality standards by holding a high bar on quality, relentlessly pursuing automation, injecting quality throughout the software development lifecycle, and seeking to drive efficiencies across teams. The projects that you will work on will impact Roku products and services quality used by millions of customers around the world.


  • Partner with team members to write unit tests for new features or problematic areas.
  • Maintain, write, and expand existing system tests for both frontend UI and backend systems.
  • Hands-on test development and demonstrate initiative to deliver high-quality robust software and services.
  • Design and build multiple performance test tools to validate product load, stress and scalability readiness.
  • Standup ad hoc tools, scripts or API’s to enable others to exercise the system.
  • Enable rapid quality validation through fast execution of tests either nightly, on-demand, or as part of a deployment sequence.
  • Improve team iteration and velocity through better quality practices and tools.
  • Develop and track key metrics for quality performance, gaps, or pain points, and drive their improvement over time.
  • Be the subject matter for all things quality, including test strategy, code testability, testing pyramid, test-driven development, and design anti-patterns.


  • 5+ years in Software Engineering working on large-scale frontend and backend applications and a good understanding of microservices architecture.
  • Strong programming expertise, and a robust grasp of operating systems concepts, algorithms and data structures, and database fundamentals. Must be comfortable in code.
  • Proven track record in testing and automating testing of web-scale, cloud service platforms using REST APIs with Java as the development language.
  • Passionate about leveraging test automation to dramatically increase the speed and quality of software delivery processes.
  • Experience with modern automation and performance frameworks such as JUnit, TestNG, Selenium, Spock, JMeter, Gatling, or Artillery.
  • Cross-feature problem-solving skills, ability to troubleshoot, identify and resolve defects.
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills, and ability to collaborate effectively with interdisciplinary teams and management.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent; Master's degree preferred.

The Roku culture:

Roku is a great place for people who want to work in a fast-paced environment where everyone is focused on the company’s success rather than their own. They try to surround themselves with people who are great at their jobs, who are easy to work with, and who keep their egos in check. Roku appreciates a sense of humor. They believe a fewer number of very talented folks can do more for less cost than a larger number of less talented teams. They’re independent thinkers with big ideas who act boldly, move fast and accomplish extraordinary things through collaboration and trust. In short, at Roku you’ll be part of a company that’s changing how the world watches TV.

The company has a unique culture that they are proud of. They think of themselves primarily as problem-solvers, which itself is a two-part idea. They come up with the solution, but the solution isn’t real until it is built and delivered to the customer. That penchant for action gives them a pragmatic approach to innovation, one that has served us well since 2002.


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