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Global IT/Tech Recruitment Agency from Ukraine

17 years in IT recruitment with 1600+ filled vacancies in 15 countries

Scope of our activities



  • IT Recruitment
  • Telecom & Engineering recruitment
  • Contract /Project Recruitment
  • Executive Search
  • Interim Management


Remote devs
and Relocation

  • Relocation of IT specialists
  • NPA network worldwide recruitment
  • Hire a dedicated development team
  • Remote developers


Training and

  • Soft Skills Training
  • Career & Life Coaching
  • Recruitment consulting
  • Payroll and Outstaffing


Dedicated team

  • Hire Dedicated development team
  • Staff Augmentation
  • BPO for R&D
  • Payroll and Outstaffing

IT recruitment market expertise

R&D and products development:

  • FinTech
  • Video
  • Multimedia gadgets and software
  • IoT
  • Blockchain
  • Networking
  • Firmware
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Mobile apps
  • AdTech
  • CAD


  • 3D games (incl. AAA)
  • 2D games
  • Gambling


  • eCommerce
  • CRM
  • ERP

IT infrastructure

  • Network
  • System & Network
  • DevOps / SysOps
  • Cyber Security

Executive /

  • C-Level / V-Level positions
  • Technical Management
  • HR Leadership



130 000

Developers in our database




Years in IT

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How do we work?


1-3 days

Briefing (acquaintance, discussion of requirements, brief analysis)


10-15 days

Presentation of the first candidates


28-30 days

Average time to fill the vacancy


30-90 days

Onboarding and probation period support

Our prices

Contingency based (success) fee is a percentage from annual income.

circle 18%


Junior-Mid Level developers

circle 20%


Senior developers

circle 25%


Technical & Top Management, Unique technology

Our clients

the halo trust


Roku is the #1 American TV streaming platform. This publicly traded company based in San Jose, California manufactures various digital media players for video streaming, has an advertising operation, and also licenses its hardware and software to other companies. The company was interested in building a new R&D office overseas and considered Ukraine as one of the locations. We started our cooperation with Roku at the beginning of autumn 2020 by providing consultations on the Ukrainian tech talent market, including such topics as the availability of specialists with the required tech stack and local tax and labor laws.


  1. In March 2021, the company decided to move forward with opening an office in Kyiv, Ukraine and needed to fill several software engineering, DevOps, and managerial positions for different products and hiring managers. Roku had high qualification requirements which made the selection process extremely challenging.


  • 7 job offers
  • 5 hires
  • 0 replacements
  • Average time-to-present (for tech roles): 36 days
  • Average time-to-hire: 38 days
  • Selection rate (for tech roles): 56%

Additional notes

  1. The most important vacancy for Roku and the most challenging one for us to close was the Site Director role. This professional needed to function as both the operational manager of the Kyiv site and the engineering team manager.
  2. The role required strong technical expertise, experience in managing successful product engineering teams, and independent CEO/COO experience, which is a rare combination in the service/consulting-oriented tech market of Ukraine.
  • Longlisted candidates: 123
  • Shortlisted candidates: 22
  • Time-to-present: 122 days
  • Time-to-hire: 73 days
  • Time-to-fill: 195 days
  1. The hired Site Director is managing the Ukrainian site and team effectively in this hard time, so we are extremely proud of the work we’ve done for Roku and are grateful to the company for continuing their operation in Ukraine

Netography delivers security for atomized environments. Based in Annapolis, Maryland, Netography is backed by some of the world’s leading venture firms, including Bessemer Venture Partners, SYN Ventures, and A16Z. Netography has created the first network-centric platform that reconstitutes capabilities disrupted by the combined impact of encryption and atomized networks across the security world


  1. To find a highly experienced (8+ years) back-end engineer with excellent knowledge of Go (US only, full-time, remote)


  • 80 candidates contacted
  • 2 candidates presented to the client
  • 1 offer made and accepted
  • Time-to-present: 42 days
  • Time-to-start: 91 days

The HALO Trust (Hazardous Area Life-Support Organization) is a humanitarian non-government organization headquartered in the Scottish hills of Dumfries and Galloway which protects lives and restores livelihoods of people affected by conflict. HALO primarily works to clear landmines and other explosive devices left behind by conflict, as well as to promote stability and prosperity. With over 10,000 staff worldwide, HALO has operations in 28 countries, including an office in Ukraine since 2016.


  1. Find an experienced Manager of Information Supply and GIS for the Ukrainian operation (full-time, partially remote, who would be able to visit the office in Brovary)


  • 23 candidates contacted
  • 3 candidates presented to the client
  • 2 hires
  • Time-to-present: 21 days
  • Time-to-hire: 13 days
  • Time-to-fill: 34 days

Terminal is a tech-enabled platform for remote engineering teams. The company provides its clients with a talent platform and a remote management platform. Combined, these products offer everything a company needs to build, support, and retain full-time top-tier technical teams. Terminal has been operating successfully in Canada and Latin America since 2016 and is now expanding to Europe.


  1. To find an experienced sourcer with excellent knowledge of the Polish tech talent market


  • 214 candidates contacted
  • 4 candidates presented to the client
  • 1 offer made and accepted
  • Time-to-present: 16 days
  • Time-to-hire: 13 days
  • Time-to-fill: 30 days
  • Time-to-start: 140 days (due to a long notice period in Poland)

Let's discuss how we can help you

Send a request and we will contact you shortly!

Our expertise in numbers

Our specialization and industries portfolio


Custom software engineering 22,4%

R&D and Sturtup products 58,8%

Non IT companies 18,8%


Gambling / GameDev 12,9%

Other (Telecom, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, etc) 9,7%

Products (R&D, Mobile, Startups, IoT, CAD, etc.) 27,4%

IT Outsourcing 14,5%

Fintech 16,1%

Web 19,4%

Global recruiting


NPAworldwide Recruitment Network

Since 2012, we are the member of the international recruiting organization NPAworldwide Recruitment Network; it unites 1,300 recruiters from 500 cities around the world on 6 continents.


Foreign Employment License

Employment abroad is a licensed type of activity in Ukraine.

We got our license in 2009 and since then we have been actively helping our specialists and companies which relocate to Germany, Cyprus, Asia and the USA.

What do you get in cooperation


Expertise and

Our it recruiters expertise is a mixture of industry network, investments in candidates, years of experience, KPI analytics and professional intuition



Thanks to market knowledge, automation, wide tools and team effectiveness, we fill vacancies on time


Personal account

Each of our clients has a personal manager who knows the specifics and needs of your company and is ready to answer your questions 24/7



“Quality, not quantity” is the basic principle of our company. We provide candidates not only with relevant qualifications, but also those interested in your company and vacancies

About us

Skillers is the pioneers of IT&T recruiting in Ukraine, who have been conquering the market since 2005. Our specialization is complex technical positions of middle, senior and management levels. We have over 1,500 filled vacancies in our portfolio for 90+ companies. For more than 8 years we have been engaged in the selection and relocation of developers to Europe, the USA and Asia.

  • person-photo

    Julia Tupchiy

    Managing Partner

  • person-photo

    Igor Glynianyi

    Director of Recruiting

  • person-photo


    Soft Skills Trainer

  • person-photo

    Aliona Khaburska

    Recruitment Operations Manager

  • person-photo

    Diana Likhtorovych

    Talent Researcher

Let's discuss how we can help you

Send a request and we will contact you shortly!

Contact info

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reach us via e-mail or phone.

Feel free to drop us a line whenever you need our help.
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Why hiring developers from Ukraine is a good idea?

The Ukrainian market of IT developers consists of more than 280 thousand specialists; more than half of whom are involved in custom engineering projects. This guarantees not only a good level of English but top-level global project experience. Those IT specialists, who work in software product companies, are involved not only in the development by specifications, but additionally, they conduct research on the problem and providing prototyping and analysis, writing specifications, etc. They are usually involved in every stage of SDLC to make a feature.

This and other advantages we are happy to share bring Ukraine to 11th place in HackerRank with an overall score of 88,7 points out of 100 among the top 50 countries with the best software developers in the world. In addition, special tax benefits for the tech industry and widely accepted B2B contracts make hiring Ukrainian developers highly attractive from a financial as well as a legal standpoint.

In what countries can we source developers?

Ukraine and Eastern Europe have always been the main markets for our agency. Globalization, growing acceptance of remote work, and high competition for talent have led us to expand throughout all of EMEA.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, 50% of our projects are related to searches on the US talent market.

How many vacancies are we ready to take in task?

When we are starting to work with the company, we take no more than two vacancies. It is important for us to focus on the characteristics of each company, find it out from the inside and find exactly that kind of profile of the employee, who will be “native” to this company.

If in 2-4 weeks we manage to completely immerse ourselves in the company and the search for IT specialists ends with the filling of the vacancy, depending on the load, we are ready to take more work.

What is the guarantee that we will not hunt our own candidates to other companies?

For us, reputation is not an empty word, so we have always adhered to the basic principles of partnership: honesty, adequacy, long-term. Our IT recruiting agency plays the long game, and are not interested in one-time shadow earnings. About 70% of new customers come to us due to the recommendations of current customers. It is important for us to maintain a partnership for many years. We consider ourselves to be part of the client’s organization, and responsibly approach the provision of services.

Do we give any guarantee for hiring?

Yes, surely! We want our client to be satisfied, even if difficulties arise somewhere in the process. We provide one free replacement (in 100% of cases this is enough) of a candidate who has not proved himself properly for three months. In the case of some executive positions, the trial period and our warranty is extended up to six months.

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