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Skilers chronicles #1

It is getting really cold outside but the IT recruiting market is still extremely hot. This week we had 27 inquiries, 2 deals signed, 5 offers to hold and 1 accepted. 

More and more often we invent new approaches to close the vacancies. As soon as every experience can turn into the base for the fresh idea, we’ve decided to publish our successful cases at the #Skilers_chronicles. Let’s say, a piece of wisdom to share with the world. Today we will tell what is possible to do to close the vacancy for a rare technology in Ukraine.  

We received an inquiry from an American company for a full-stack software engineer with Clojure technology knowledge. The project was an international e-commerce platform for the marketing management service. It could be a piece of cake, but there were quite a few specialists in Ukraine having the appropriate skills, only 290 people in fact. Besides that, the relevant candidates refused the offer because of 2 reasons: either they didn’t want to work with the full stack, or they were satisfied with their present job conditions. The candidates from neighboring countries have not responded as well. After 3 months of the ineffective search, we realized that the task requires some different solving. 

As the experienced NPA international recruiting network member we are perfectly aware of how powerful could geography widening be. This way we focused our search on Turkey. The choice was caused by several reasons – the Turkish IT market wasn’t so much overheated as the Ukrainian one; their specialists have quite a good reputation and an acceptable level of English in general. In a week we started receiving the first profiles of specialists with Clojure experience.

Moreover, all the candidates had not only the Clojure knowledge and necessary skills but also experience at the International companies, so that their written and spoken English level was high. As a result, we chose two specialists, one of them quickly got thе selection and received the offer. This way we closed the vacancy in a month. 

This situation gives us the idea that our sphere is getting global. The geography widening could shorten the time of the vacancy closing and save the recruiting agency resources. 

So we are moving on to the defense line and we’ll be back with a new interesting case next week!

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