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Our industries

Cloud and Storage computing

E-commerce solutions

Networking & Telecom systems

Smart Home/City

IoT solutions


Embedded SW and HW

Corporate and business software

Customized Mobile apps

Web applications development

Our expertise















What do we offer?

To startups and seed stage businesses we offer

  • To set up 2-3 working sessions to define needs and growth strategy
  • Optionally we invite mature engineers to review the concept
  • To estimate an appropriate workflow divided into development phases
  • To launch SDLC within the dedicated team model

To product companies and enterprises we offer

  • To expand engineering capabilities
  • Discovery sessions to set delivery targets and requirements for an augmented team
  • Delivery management and full-cycle support of operations
  • To define scaling terms and road map steps

Launching R&D within dedicated teams

  • Aligning engineering processes and defining roles
  • Comprehensive support in the fast and secure delivery management
  • Developing policies which will reflect customer’s values
  • Talent acquisition services precisely tailored to your needs
  • Resolving accounting, legal and other BPO issues

All our clients get

Delivery Analysis

We detect delivery bottlenecks and offer ways to improve engineering processes

Scaling Assistance

Every client gets independent and competitive growth solutions

Engineering review

We provide you with a comprehensive project review and risks assessment

Financial research

To launch delivery on targeted location we bind opportunities with budget targets


We master how to hire a dedicated development team.
Let’s work directly, remotely and permanently!

Pricing and customized approach

Our clients are free to choose dedicated development team services needed. We provide cost-efficient alternative budgets for your projects.
The price for dedicated team members
starts from
USD hour.
Onsite engineering management
for up to 6 months

Our stakeholders commit to hire a dedicated team considering such aspects

  • No mass market recruitment style. We prefer to work with comprehensive attention to customer’s values, product fundamentals and
    long-term opportunities
  • Before you start, we provide an incremental project roadmap, a financial and scaling development plan
  • We build a customized dedicated development team based on real cases and according to market trends

Service pricing depends on the options you choose to set up and manage your dedicated project team

Recruitment & HRM

hourly rate
*approx rate for Mid Engineer
hourly rate
*approx rate for Mid PM or SM
hourly rate
*approx rate for Mid QA

5 Steps to hire dedicated software developers


An intro call to discuss mutual collaboration opportunities.
Signing an NDA.


Working on a technical specification and developing
a Scope of Work.


Defining structure of the team, candidate profiles, and scaling timelines.


Working on project deliverables, workflow, recruitment strategy and risks.


Signing an MSA. Launching SDLC.
Kick off.


We master how to hire a dedicated development team.
Let’s work directly, remotely and permanently!

Who we are





100 000+

Developers in our database


Years in delivery management

Our clients

the halo trust

Why Ukraine

200 000+

tech specialists and the number is growing

Growing market

A wide talent pool (approximately 269,000) of software developers and their technical expertise. A dedicated software team became a scaling practice.


among countries with best developers

Strong technical skills

Ukrainian developers are ranked fifth among the best developers in the world, and they apply modern and in-demand technology stacks.


of developers have a technical background


Ukrainian developers obtain Master's degrees in the field of technical sciences and 56% of them have a computer science background.


have an intermediate or higher level of English


Since the NET compensation for Ukrainian developers is about the same as in Europe, the client can cut costs on taxes fairly and hire devs with higher levels of seniority.


We master how to hire a dedicated development team.
Let’s work directly, remotely and permanently!

Contact info

You are welcome to visit our office or
reach us via e-mail or phone.

Feel free to drop us a line whenever you need our help.
We will get back to you shortly!

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How to get started on hiring a development team?

As a customer, you should specify your delivery goals and your existing bottlenecks. You can use the basic information mentioned in our form or go further and send us the available open project data so our engineering manager can prepare for facilitation during the first call. We sign an NDA just before the first call, so both parties can already have a roadmap outline and some ready answers after the first call. If you are new to IT but still need a dedicated team, we will help you to complete this task and tailor the solution to your needs. It is not an issue at all, if you don’t know the exact job requirements for a dedicated software development team. We can help you to design a cross-functional project development team and hire dedicated developers.

How long does it take to hire a dedicated development team?

Be ready that every developer needs at least 1 month for termination notice period. We work with every customer individually and hire developers according to job requirements. There are a few aspects which take time: job requisition facilitation/job description development, market research & analysis, search process, selection phase, job offer confirmation and a resignation. Skillers takes care to make any recruitment process faster, conscious and effective. That is why we propose to exclude some phases depending on the situation. Our recruitment strategy also includes Eastern Europe regions, so you can see more candidates in the same time frame than solely from Ukraine. Time to fill position is about 4-6 weeks for every job request before signing an offer.

What is the difference between building a dedicated development team with Skillers and with “a classical outsourcing company”?

We created a transparent pricing system even for hourly rates. Working with Skillers, you will be surrounded by required services and not overloaded by outsourcing routines. Scaling your development team, you will always know what services will be included and how much you need in the next development phase. Starting with one software development team you can easily scale your resourcing into a software development group of projects with our assistance. Our engineering approach was remote-friendly before the COVID-19 pandemic and at the same time we used modern delivery management practices. What we do is that we assist customers in adapting their businesses to the current situation by creating hybrid management models for development teams and in bringing products faster to the market.

How to set up a trial dedicated development team in Ukraine?

To set up a trial IT development team, a customer should have a defined particular scope of work for remote dedicated software developers. We estimate incoming data, provide enhancements and offer a dedicated project team structure with a pricing. Our approach is quite flexible and serves to minimize risks. We offer a small team as a more realistic example of the remote dedicated software team concept. A trial dedicated development team is composed of two or three engineers allocated partially to execute predefined tasks. If you decide to scale to hire a dedicated development team in Ukraine, a special purpose trial development team will help you to accomplish a reasonable work package before launching a full development life cycle of the product, to test different engineering functions such as leader, senior and middle and to define own software development team portrait, e.t.c. Having a special purpose trial development team you will be flexible in means of choosing a collaboration model either within a dedicated team or within recruitment services. Besides, we can cover cases when a customer needs BPO services.

When does the outstaffing model fit my business?

The IT outstaffing model fits those businesses which already have a pre-defined delivery processes managed by CTO or by a group of POs. If a customer requests to hire dedicated developers, to allocate them in a customer’s team and to bind them with some internal engineering roles, but at the same time delegates e.g. payroll and legal management to an outstaff company, then it is commonly called outstaffing services. Skillers can become your outstaff company on the Ukrainian IT market and introduce your company brand to developers from Eastern Europe too.

Outsourcing and outstaffing collaboration models are proven options to connect with the Ukrainian IT branch. The Ukrainian developers became highly experienced within the previous 15 years in building delivery outstaffing processes remotely and by using best Agile practices. So, an outstaffing in Ukraine means much more than the connection with mature development teams because they constantly work with products of the global market and are capable of bringing innovations to your business.

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