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Remote software engineers and developers with relocation

If you need technical talents and are not able to find them locally we are here to help you


Supplying remote employees for your teams around the world.


Relocation of technical specialists from Ukraine to your worldwide offices


Helping with key positions in 500 cities with NPA Recruitment network.

Why are we able to do it?


Foreign Employment License

Employment abroad is a licensed type of activity in Ukraine.

We got our license in 2009 and since then we have been actively helping companies and developers with relocation to Germany, Cyprus, Asia and the USA.


NPAworldwide Recruitment Network

Since 2012, we are the member of the international recruiting organization NPAworldwide Recruitment Network; it unites 1,300 recruiters from 500 cities around the world on 6 continents.

Relocation or Remote

3 months guarantee


Request - contact us with a request and get detailed information about all possible options, market analysis, salaries and fees and get profile samples.


Take your time to make a decision or receive free additional consultation from us.

Developers with relocation:


Expect to get first CVs in 14 days and position closure in 60-90 days


We’re happy to provide relocation assistance (visa, bureaucratic procedures, assistance with accommodation, cost of living, etc.)


Onboarding support assistance (integration and internal processes, networking, language learning).

Remote developers:


Expect to get first CVs in 14 days and position closure in 30 days.


Besides we help with candidate processing : starting from interview, test tasks to onboarding.

Let's discuss how we can help you

Send a request and we will contact you shortly!

Our advantages


Tech market


Global services
with local


Permanent, contract
and project recruitment,
remote employees
and team recruitment.


support on every


for all regions


We speak English
and German


Altium is leading electronic device software developing company from Australia. Headquarter is located in Shanghai; has several branch offices in Europe, the USA, Japan and Ukraine. We have been cooperating since 2011.


  1. Search for a team of key system developers with knowledge of Delphi (with the prospect of retraining in .Net) in Shanghai (China).
  2. Search for developers in Russia, help in finding Application Support Engineer in Germany, COO in the USA.
  3. Selection of the development team for the opening and development of an R&D office in Kyiv (2013).


  • During the cooperation, we found more than 110 employees for the company.
  • China: over 6 months, 10 people were found and relocated to Shanghai, as well as local testing experts in China with the involvement of NPA partners.
  • Russia: hired a high-level autorouting developer for Moscow office, and a team of 3 developers in St. Petersburg. A local recruiting partner was found and recommended for further assistance in the region.
  • Найден и рекомендован локальный рекрутинговый партнер для дальнейшей помощи по региону.
  • More than 90 employees were hired in Kyiv (from 2013 to 2019).
  • The company has high requirements and selection rate, which includes a comprehensive test task; company hires 10% of the presented candidates.
  • 3 replacements for the entire period of cooperation.

OnixS is a fintech product company based in London. It is a leading specialist in the development and support of high-performance Direct market access, proprietary and industry-specific SDK. Terms of cooperation - 2012-2014


  1. C ++ engineers for remote work were needed.


  • 7 highly qualified developers hired.
  • The closing time for vacancies was from 1 to 2 months.
  • 70% of candidates received job offers.
  • No replacements have been made.

Excelsior is IT service company, which develops products from concept to implementation, taking into account support and consulting. Located in Frankfurt, Germany.


  1. iOS / Android developers from the CIS for relocation to Frankfurt for a project for a large bank were needed.


  • 4 job offers / 3 hiring during 4 months of cooperation.
  • Average time for: presentation of a successful candidate - 19 days; accepting the offer - 37 days; starting work in Frankfurt - 89 days.
  • Selection rate – 67%.
  • Not a single replacement has been requested.

Let's discuss how we can help you

Send a request and we will contact you shortly!

Contact info

You are welcome to visit our office or
reach us via e-mail or phone.

Feel free to drop us a line whenever you need our help.
We will get back to you shortly!



What is the difference between remote developers and outstaffing?

Skillers provide IT&T recruitment globally. For clients who are acquainted with a remote-friendly collaboration format, we provide recruitment of remote software developers. We close vacancies that accept remote software engineers and a client signs a direct contract with such engineer. It also became a flexible solution when a client has ideas to provide relocation for engineers. If you are frustrated that you need to stop development until an engineer completes relocation, it is reasonable to hire remote engineers and plan relocation as the next step of your collaboration without any pause in delivery. Within the outstaffing model, Skillers becomes responsible for signing a contract with both parties, a client and a developer, and takes care of operations, accounting, project management e.t.c. It is possible to relocate an engineer after a client covers the buyout fee in this case. (138 words)

How will a collaboration with remote developers influence a business performance?

Hiring remote programmers as a part of your delivery is a good strategy when a client needs to overcome problems in the local labor market. When we are requested to hire remote developers, we boost the recruitment potential of the client to staff a team as soon as possible and as a result, delivery will be as scheduled. Collaboration with remote engineers will positively influence the operations budget and cut costs, so a client can optimize expenses and offer higher salaries than local competitors do. If there is a request for a developer relocation, we assist both a client and a candidate to introduce parties and provide onboarding smoothly. (120 words)

How to hire remote software developers?

Please, fill in the request form by clicking on the “Send a request” button. We will provide you with consultation on how to hire a remote software engineer. Your request should include a general project description, project targets, and upcoming tasks. It is important to specify the required number of remote developers. Our manager will investigate your request and provide you with the necessary information about rates, legal aspects, and timelines for hiring remote developers. Any additional questions regarding collaboration with remote programmers will be covered by our manager during the call. We are able to close requests of recruiting of any seniority level from junior to senior.

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