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  • Embedded Engineer (BSP)

    • 06.04.2021
    • World-leading smart platform technology provider
    • Kyiv, Ukraine

    Oleksandr Telcharov

    Personal recruiter

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Our client - a world-leading smart platform technology provider, specializes in different cutting-edge embedded solutions for leading upstream suppliers of automotive electronics, such as Qualcomm, Renesas, Texas Instruments, NXP Semiconductors, ST, QNX, Intel, Baidu, and Sony, is looking for an Embedded Engineer (BSP) who will join their skilled team in the Kyiv office.   


As an Embedded Engineer (BSP), you will play an important role in the Company's embedded (mostly automotive, but not only) products, working closely with embedded and high-level application teams on projects, related to the Qualcomm platform. 


  • Audio/ Camera/ Display Driver bring up;
  • Analyze Audio/ Camera/ Display related issues on QNX/Android system;
  • Audio/ Camera/ Display function development on Qualcomm Automotive platform. 


  • Extensive commercial experience with C/C++ language programming, familiar with Linux and Android;
  • Commercial experience in android phone or car camera development;
  • Experience with Android Audio Native layer framework(AudioPolicy;AudioFlinger);
  • Knowledge of the basic concepts of Audio/ Camera/ Display drivers models for QNX/Android/Linux;
  • Knowledge of Audio Hal and Audio Framework layer framework/ Camera framework or Camera Hal/ QT, Weston, Android SurfaceFlinger, and Display HAL related knowledge.


  • Experience in Camera/ Display or Graphics function development on platforms such as Qualcomm and MTK;
  • Experience with video Serializer/ Deserializer debugging such as MAXIM, TI;
  • Knowledge of Qualcomm Automotive platform AIS, qcarcam architecture;
  • Knowledge of Qualcomm chromatix tools;
  • Knowledge of Hypervisor architecture;
  • Knowledge of UART/SPI/I2C/PCM/TDM/I2S/DSI/HDMI/DP/LVDS/RGB/YUV protocols;
  • Knowledge of Qualcomm QACT tool & QXDM tool.


  • Competitive salary;
  • Engineering culture, attach high importance technical buildup and engineering development;
  • Global opportunity, any position in other country is appliable if you have competence;
  • Great prospects of self-development, challengeable position, big room for promotion;
  • Fast growth, 6000+ staff, 1500+ of them are automotive engineers.

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